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Grab that Hula Hoop and Let Loose

Little did I know when I started hooping that I was tapping in to the healing powers of flow, dance and movement. Back then I was not particularly au fait with chakras and the crucial part they play in balancing and energising the mind, body and spirit. During my time in India way back in 1996 I had heard about chakras, but it was Karen at Pure Body Balance who really sparked my interest in the seven wheels of energy. Karen also happens to be my best friend and my sister. Lucky me!

Perhaps I should explain why chakra healing struck a cord with me. Circa 2010 I had recently exited a toxic relationship and was having an incredibly difficult time shifting the black cloud that hovered above me. During a visit to Bristol my sister suggested I tried mediation. I scoffed, thinking 'this is not going to have any impact on my well-being'. However, I'll give most things a try and so we sat down and entered the silence within. It felt comforting and empowering and so even after Karen headed home to The Cotswolds I vowed to mediate every day. And so I did! Using guided mediations I visualised coloured orbs of light in the main chakra centres (root, sacral, solar, heart, throat, brow and crown) and this slowly enabled me to check in with myself and notice where in my body I was stagnant and holding tension. Now, being a long-suffering member of the IBS community with a penchant for anything orange, it perhaps will come as no surprise that a barricade to my sacral energy flow was well established.

Hula hooping and chakra energy alignment seem to go hand-in-hand and this is wonderfully explained by Shelled Hoops. The sacral chakra, or Svadhishthana in Sanskrit, sits just below the navel and is associated with the hips, lower back, reproductive system and stomach. It is sometimes referred to as The Pleasure Seeker because the energy in the sacral area is linked to your emotional storage centre and the ability to go with the flow and enjoy life. I can tell you straight there was plenty of emotional gunk and not much enjoyment in my life at that point. My ability to find joy in creativity, money, relationships or change was bordering on nil point. I HAD to do something. And that something was hoop dance. By creating a pathway for abundant thinking and firstly securing my root chakra I began to access my creative flow. You see the sacral chakra loves to move and so hula hoop dance became my facilitator. More recently I have found hula hooping great for opening up the brow chakra. This is because it encourages me to be in the present moment, and perhaps it is no coincidence that I recently purchased a purple hoop... to go with my other purple hoops!!

Together with meditation, counselling, yoga and a grain-free diet I feel I am nurturing myself on every level. I'm still on the quest for equilibrium but for the first time in my life I feel levels of alignment! I feel feminine, safe and accepting of myself. With hoop dance I have found a way of expressing myself whilst truly enjoying the experience.

My top 5 tips for balancing your sacral chakra through hoop dance

* Grab your hoop and dance like no-one is watching. Work those hips!

* Meditate on your sacral chakra whilst sitting inside your circle. Step it up with an orange hoop!

* Connect to your feminine energy through hoop dance and enjoy it.

* Journal your thoughts and experiences.

* Let go. Release anything that no longer serves you and move with joy into the now.

Rise up and hoop dance my friends.

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Hoop Yourself Happy

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