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Time to Eat Humble Pi

Hands up if you have ever used the Pi formula in your adult life. Not many of you huh? Chances are you can't even remember what Pi is or indeed what π stands for. Shamefully I actually had to Google it! This lack of knowledge may have something to do with my dislike for seemingly pointless aspects of Mathematics. I hereby apologise to Mr Everest and Mrs Cambourne but I loathed Maths as a child and I still do aged 38 years and 4 months. It makes very little sense to me and frankly I'll do just about anything to avoid encountering arithmetic. I hated the subject so much that I would bunk lessons at secondary school in favour of seeking out the latest copy of Smash Hits magazine at Martins newsagents. Somehow my hostility towards Maths didn't get in the way of bagging a Psychology degree or working in the education sector but yesterday I stumbled upon a a potential problem, and shock horror an actual use for Pi in real life. Yes, that's right folks for the first time since school I need to work out the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. Introducing to you the mathematics of hoop making. Apparently to work out how much tubing I will need to make a hula hoop I have to work out the following sum: π x diameter = circumference.

My very generous friend Nicola donated some MDPE tubing (plumbers piping in layman terms) to my cause so I can make lovely hoops for my new kids hoop dance classes. So armed with a handful of YouTube tutorials, a PVC pipe cutter and a heat gun off I go to make pretty plastic circles. Hopefully they will look as good as the one in the photograph above. For the record I did not make this one - Nicola did!! Hoop making is a another first, so wish me luck! And if you feel the need to share any of your hoop making tips I'd welcome a helpful comment (or two) below.

Rise up and hoop dance lovely people.

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Hoop Yourself Happy

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