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Was that a yes? Of course it was! Dancing is the home of the good vibes factory. It reignites our playful inner child and helps us connect to everyone's favourite General Pracitioners, Dr Movement and Dr Happy.

It will come as no surprise to some of you that I LOVE dancing and I LOVE music. I've always enjoyed busting a few moves whether it be in the front room of my childhood home or with my college pals at the long-standing Lakota nightclub in Bristol. Dancing makes my heart sing, so imagine my joy when I discovered you could hula hoop AND get your swerve on. What a match made in hoop heaven! I say this because whenever I pick up my hula hoop and turn on my favourite tracks I feel like I connect my mind, body and spirit. I guess you could say after each hoop spin session a better version of me emerges.

Since I hoop best when I can loose myself in music. I am constantly on the prowl for new material to add to my playlist. Isn't it such a wonderful sensation when you find a gem of a track? Back in January I stumbled upon a beautiful song that had the hairs on my arms stand to attention and I literally could not wait to step inside my sparkly plastic circle and let the sounds guide me. Discovering Ceremony by the talented Anchorsong was wonderfully evocative. I rushed over to whack the sound up, selected track repeat and immersed myself in the joyful moment. I surfaced from my yummy binge spin session feeling energized, light-hearted and balanced. How healing dance, movement and flow can be.

I think you'll agree Ceremony is a stunningly emotive track full of warm, uplifting African-inspired beats. As a result it went to straight to the top of my hooping playlist. Click on the video above, have a listen and see where it takes you. Just add your favourite hoop and you've got yourself a very lovely 4 minutes.

Check out five more tracks that always urge me to drop everything so I can rise up and hoop dance.

Jamie Woon - Lady Luck

Onra - A New Dynasty

Neneh Cherry - Buffalo Stance

Bjork - Unison

Ornette - Crazy (Noze Remix)

What tunes get your creative flow going? Be sure to share them with me in the comments box below.

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Hoop Yourself Happy

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