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What Makes Me ME?

One of the main draws of hooping for me is that with each revolution I feel I am moving closer to becoming the best version of me. In all honesty sometimes I come away from a hoop session bruised and frustrated. However, I always leave the circle trusting that each step is the way.

So when Deanne Love suggested writing a list noting when I am at my best I knew hooping would take the top spot. Hoop dance has certainly facilitated the transformation of a lost and lonely soul in to a confident, fun-loving and passionate woman. But what else fills with me light and sparks fire in my belly? Without too much thought I can tell you that I feel alive when I listen to my favourite tunes (at full volume!). You can check out my Spotify playlist ' Rise up to the Hooping Power' to hear what makes my ears smile. I feel at peace when I'm walking in the magnificent Mendip Hills. I know I'm a tad biased but Somerset it is a truly beautiful county. And of course, when I'm with my Maidment tribe I feel unlimited love and support.

Last night I allowed myself the evening to kick back and explore what really brings out the best in me. It was really quite fun! I headed over to Tagxedo to turn my list in to a pretty word cloud. What do you think? In the words of Art Attack's Neil Buchanan 'try it yourself! See what you comes up for you and if your'e feeling brave share it with me.

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Hoop Yourself Happy

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