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Are you are looking for a special bespoke handmade hula hoop? Rise Hoop Dance makes hula hoops that are as unique as you are. 


Which Size Hoop?

Rise Hoop Dance hoops are different to those often found in toy stores and supermarkets. They are bigger and heavier making them ideal if you are new to hooping. The advice is, go large! The bigger the hoop, the slower it rotates around your body making easier it is to keep the hula hoop where you want it.

To get a good idea of your hoop size measure from the floor up to your belly button. This will give you the hoop diameter you require.


As you become more confident you may like to use smaller hoops.

Beginner Hoop or Flexi hoop?


I sell two types of hula hoop, Flexi and Beginner.


Flexi Hoops - A fantastic addition to your hoop arsenal. These hoops are strong yet light making them ideal for younger hoopers and for perfecting off-body tricks, twin hooping and hoop dancing.


Flexi hoops are available in 4 vibrant colours - blue, green, yellow and red and in two sizes 75cm and 90cm (subject to availability).

Beginner Hoops - Heavier and slower these hoops are perfect for new hoopers, adults and older children who want to nail waist hooping and chest hooping. Since they move at a slower pace these hoops give you time to learn and develop your basic hooping skills.

Beginner hoops are made from strong 20mm black tubing and rivet connections. Made to measure up to 95cm.

Pimp My Hula Hoop!


This is the fun part! Rise Hoop Dance hoops can be personalised with colourful, sparkly, fun tapes to suit your personality. Mix and match tapes, the possibilities are endless!


Check out my tape gallery below to view the tapes I have on offer (subject to availability). Click on an image to take a closer look! 


Top Tip: I would always recommend choosing at least one gaffer (spike) tape to give your hoop even more staying power. Gaffer tape looks cool and its textured finish helps your hoop stick to your clothes and your body, which in turn means more hooping success!

Hoops can be collected from Rise Hoop Dance HQ in Bristol.


For more information about hoop sizing and to buy your own hula hoop please contact me.

If you're after a beautifully made poly-pro hoop I can personally recommend Gail O'Brien at HoopSpin

Please note your hula hoop will bring you huge joy BUT it is not a toy. Children must be supervised when using a hula hoop. 

Flexi Hula Hoops from £8.50
Rise Hoop Dance Bristol Handmade Bespoke Flexi Hula Hoops Dance Hoops Kids Hoops
Beginner Hula Hoops from £12
Rise Hoop Dance Bristol Handmade Bespoke Hula Hoops Beginner Hoop Kids Hoop Dance Hoop MDPE Hoop


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Beginner Hula Hoops from £12

Rise Hoop Dance Bristol Handmade Bespoke Hula Hoops Beginner Hoop Kids Hoop Dance Hoop MDPE Hoop